Welcome to Howitzer


If you dream about surfing the perfect pearler on a tailor-made handshaped surfboard, we can help.




Custom boards – funboard, higher volume, single fin or hybrid, or just looking for an alternative to a minimal?
Howitzer designs and shapes custom boards to your requirements, or if you’re unsure of what you need, we can make a suggestion. 


Howitzer is a lifestyle brand and also design consultancy specialising in Product (3D), Furniture, MAR and Graphic design amongst others.
Established in 2007.


Fine (superbly amazing – awesome) roasted coffee blends are now available as part of the Howitzer Roasted coffee range in both beans and ground.

…full bodied medium dark roast with hints of dark chocolate.


Howitzer Roasted Coffee…



Not-your-average Java blend

a Full flavoured full bodied medium dark roast with hints of rich chocolate.  Highly addictive.  My favourite for early morning at the beach on the camp stove just before a surf and then again after.



WOW! What an Espresso blend

Award winning Espresso blend that I “borrowed” from my roasters. If you like espresso, be sure not to miss a shot of this. It will leave your tastebuds tingly and your heart jumping (let’s say for joy), with that WOW! What an Espresso! feeling. I really enjoy making this in the plunger around mid-day as a pick me up.



Tastes-like-more Italian blend

The punchiest of the Howitzer range, this blend is strong with a beautiful aroma, not harsh on the palette. a Dark, full flavour blend, that will have you brewing another pot before you know it. My favourite for the Bialetti on the gas stove

Product Design, POS, Graphic, 3D design and photo-realistic rendering.


A few of Howitzer’s Design Can-do’s:

Product design:

With extensive experience in product (3D) and industrial design, Howitzer understands products. From ideation, concept, design, prototyping and manufacture through to the packaging that it gets sold in and end markets.


Exhibition design:

Realising the massive value in getting your brand seen and noticed at exhibitions, we’ll do our best to deliver design that draws and engages with potential customers.


Brand ID design:

What is your brand saying and whom is it speaking to?
Contact Howitzer to look at your Brand Identity. The outward expression of your brand – including its name, trademark/logo, communications, and visual appearance.


Bespoke Furniture:

Bespoke furniture design and manufacture for all applications.



Currently we don’t offer stand-alone prototyping service. If we however do a full product process, from design to manufacture, prototyping will be part of the service.

3D rendering:

3D modelling and rendering for presentations, print or digital.


Retail interiors & window displays:

New retail space, pop-up store, section, or time for something new, give Howitzer a call to take a look.


Product ID design:

Similar to a brand ID, products have a certain identity – think BMW without a badge, old or new, any model in the range – would still be a BMW. It has all the same brand intrinsic values as a badged car, built to the same design language (albeit updated or older), value offering and quality standards. Your product has an evolving ID, and we can help build that.


Rural development design:

Howitzer recognizes the need around rural development design in 3rd world countries and would like to partner with individuals and companies that address needs to alleviate these areas.

POS / MAR design:

Point of sale design and Marketing at Retail design specialist, Howitzer have been successfully servicing the industry globally for over 7 years.


Architectural Rendering:

Photorealistic rendering of architectural models or concepts for presentation or brochures – billboards or print.


Graphic design:

Howitzer handles basic graphic design services and presentation design.


Manufacturing capability:

Howitzer have long standing relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and printers. A stringent QC process insures that only top quality products gets delivered, and delivered on time.

Meet the man behind Howitzer:

Francoin Visser is a qualified Product designer and creative stuntman.

With over 11 years design industry experience, he has a unique and holistic insight into design, trends, process, clients and end-markets.

Francoin keeps up-to-date on trends, design, gadgets and shopper insight on a daily basis.