Welcome to Howitzer


Whom / What is Howitzer?


Howitzer is a lifestyle brand and also design consultancy specialising in Product (3D), Furniture, MAR and Graphic design, established in 2007.

We design and shape custom surfboards and have our own fantastic roasted Coffee label, we build and ride cafe racers and brat style bikes, we love wheels, and most things that ride on them.

DSC_0142Howitzer is all about the stoke – the adrenaline rush when you’re holding on for dear life when you bomb down a mountain on your MTB or scraping pegs power sliding through a corner on a motard, the fun of drawing a clean line in the face of a 4 foot pearler, hopping on a plane to an unknown destination and the unfolding adventure that awaits, getting your hands dirty cleaning the carb on a 67 twin, going for roadtrips, the smell of a coffee in the bialetti on the coals in the middle of nowhere, the possibility of a board in a blank, running, jumping, the thrill of solving a problem and general spontaneity.

We love photography and architecture, technology and gadgets, fashion and sport, food and nature, and we are passionate about design, so expect to see loads of anything and everything that inspires us.


There’s beauty everywhere and we try our best to see it.
Look for God in a thousand places, find Him every time.